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Florida’s heat and humidity are just two of the adverse weather conditions that can thoroughly damage a property, and when you live in Lutz in Hillsborough County, it’s easy to overlook this fact. Most of us would watch out for rain, but the summer weather can also cause some problems. Here are some of the regular maintenance activities you should be doing and that we can take care of for you:

About Amazing You Cleaning

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We are a team of cleaning professionals who grew up all around the Tampa Bay Area, so we know all about the region, its weather patterns, and the kind of dirt and grime that can build up all over your home or business property.

More importantly, through the years we’ve figured out how to get anything clean in the most efficient way possible.

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With our years of experience, knowledge, and by using only the best professional-grade cleaning materials, we make an amazing difference – from your rooftop to your driveway!

Our suite of cleaning services are designed to complement each other and we have everything you need to make your residential or commercial property sparkle all throughout.  

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Amazing You is committed to provide the best professional cleaning services in Lutz, FL. We also serve the surrounding communities in the Tampa Bay area such as Palm Harbor, Lutz, New Port Richey, Hudson and Odessa.
If you are located outside these areas, feel free to contact us at 727-992-8902 and we’d be happy to serve you!

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What We Do


Roof Cleaning and Sealing

The roof is perhaps the most overlooked part of any structure, and in Lutz, where the sun shines almost all year, most home and business owners completely forget about roof cleaning and maintenance.

All kinds of weather conditions can have adverse effects on your property’s roofing. To avoid irreversible damage and unnecessary costs, the best course of action is to regularly clean and check your roof for any damage and swollen materials.

Let the professionals handle it for the best results. Here at Amazing You, we pride ourselves on having cleaned and sealed hundreds of roofs all over Pasco and Hillsborough County. Included in our arsenal are top-of-the-line cleaning and sealing products made to address roofing issues.

Once we’re done, your roof will be beautiful, clean, and better than ever. Chat with our roof experts at 727-992-8902 today.

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Paver Sealing

If you have a driveway, walkway, patio or pool deck that uses pavers, it’s important for you to know if your paver sealing is still intact. This ensures the healthy lifespan of your paved areas, improve their quality, and increase your property’s overall curb appeal. Loose pavers can lead to more extensive damage and can also cause accidents.

That is why we always remind our clients here at Amazing You Cleaning Services that regular upkeep is the best way to keep costly and extensive property damage at bay.

Learn more about our paver sealing services today and contact us so we can walk you through the kinds of pavers available. This will help us to correctly identify the right seal to use for your target areas. Get in touch with us today to receive a free estimate.

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Window Cleaning

Dust and dirt can gather in windows, and the result is not a pretty sight. Occasional Florida thunderstorms can also cause rain to spatter on glassy surfaces, leaving unsightly marks. Keep your windows from blending with the walls through regular window cleaning. Outside windows should be cleaned at least every quarter and interiors every 6 months.

Amazing You Cleaning Services offers professional window cleaning treatments using the best cleaning solutions and tools in the market. We customize our methods depending on your windows’ needs to ensure no compromise in quality. After our work, you’ll get clean and clear windows passersby might mistake for newly installed ones!

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Pressure cleaning in Lutz, FL

The toughest dirt and grime have one nemesis: pressure cleaning. Through the use of advanced, high-pressure water cleaning techniques, we’ve helped countless of clients in Lutz get rid of unwanted dirt and debris to reveal stunning and clean surfaces. High pressure hot water and steam cleaning is very effective in cleaning large surfaces, attacking problem areas such as fungus, mold and algae buildup.

Amazing You Cleaning Services is committed to providing competitive cleaning rates quality service that’s backed by our client testimonials. Contact us today and get a free estimate.

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Roof Cleaning & Sealing

Extend the life of your roof and keep it watertight through regular cleaning and sealing. We use soft wash techniques that gets the job done without damaging your shingles or tiles. Contact us today for roof cleaning in Lutz, FL.

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Paver Sealing

Welcome your guests into your space on stain-free and well-maintained paths and driveways. Our paver sealing services guarantee a fresh look for your property’s most often-overlooked parts. We use professional-grade sealers that guarantees protection and cleanliness.

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Window Cleaning

Instantly boost your property’s curb appeal by making sure that your windows are in tip-top shape! Our window cleaning services in Lutz, FL and surrounding communities are guaranteed to make your windows as clear and shiny as they were on the day they were made.

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Pressure Cleaning

Enjoy the unparalleled results of high-tech property cleaning. Our pressure cleaning and pressure washing services is highly sought after. We use contractor-grade cleaning solutions and power washers to knock off all the hardest-clinging dirt and grime from your sidings, roofs, and pavers.